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EAST Hotel — Miami, FL

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EEE Recap EEE Recap
EEE Recap EEE Recap

EEE 2023 Recap

Relive EEE 2023

EEE 2022 Recap

Relive EEE 2022

EEE Miami vs
Other Conferences

Practical knowledge vs. Generic insights

Engage in high-quality sessions diving deep into the latest trends and strategies in eCommerce.

350 attendees vs. 5,000+ attendees

Network in a curated and exclusive environment rather than navigating an overwhelming crowd.

70% brands vs. 30% brands

Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded professionals and peers rather than service providers.

Meaningful connections vs. Sales oriented conversations

Expand your network through meaningful connections rather than engaging in sales-focused conversations.

Miami vs. not Miami

This one should be self-explanatory, especially in the winter. 😏 🏝️

Main Speaker

Daymond John

Entrepreneur, TV Personality

Founder, President, and CEO of FUBU, Founder of the Shark Group and investor on reality tv show Shark Tank

EEE 2024 Speakers


    Steve O’Dell

    CEO + Co-Founder Tenzo Tea


    Amanda Kwasniewicz

    VP of Customer Experience LoveWellness


    Dylan Whitman

    CEO + Co-Founder Inveterate


    Jan Gandhi

    Head of Partnerships, Commerce and Messaging Meta


    Georgiy Slobodenyuk

    Director of Technology Absolute Web


    Megan Blissick

    Head of Partnerships


    Kevin Kline

    Director of Agency Partnerships Recharge


    Matt Nelson

    Director of Audience Marketing Shopify Plus


    Yenney Curbelo

    Head of Retention Marketing Underlining


    Michael Janiak

    Executive Creative Director & Co-Founder Pattern


    Sharon Gee

    SVP Sales and Partnerships Feedonomics


    Kevin Kruse

    Director of Ecommerce ZOA Energy


    Ellen Zhang

    Strategic Partnership Manager Gorgias


    Trey Littell

    Sr. Agency Partnership Manager Amazon


    Matt Kanfer

    Lead Merchant Success Manager Rebuy


    Martina Prencipe

    Senior Partner Manager Buy With Prime


    Jonathan Cairo

    Lead Solutions Engineer Elevar


    Samuel Bonilla

    Director of Global Strategy, Sales Operations & Partnerships eBay

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Attend a full day of knowledge from eCommerce leaders and successful brands.

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EEE 2024 Agenda

Feb 21
Feb 22
7:00 am

Early Registration + Breakfast


Welcome to EEE! We invite you to register, get your badge and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast with other attendees. Breakfast will be served from 7:00am – 8:30am, so please make sure to arrive early and fuel up before the event starts.

8:45 am

Opening Remarks



Phillip Jackson

We are thrilled to have Phillip Jackson, Co-Founder of Future Commerce, a startup disrupting retail trade media, open the EEE Conference with some inspiring and thought-provoking opening remarks. He will be setting the tone for the day and giving us a glimpse of what we can expect to learn and experience throughout the event.

Welcome notes: 15 minutes

9:00 am

Who, What, Where, When, and Why- Talking to Customers When It Matters



Yenney CurbeloMegan Blissick

Join Megan Blissick of and Yenney Curbelo from Underlining for a focused ecommerce discussion on effective customer communication strategies. Together, they will cover topics such as the importance of defining the right audience, crafting targeted messages, and choosing the best channels for interaction. This session will provide valuable insights on enhancing customer experience and retention through strategic communication, making it an essential learning opportunity for ecommerce businesses aiming to optimize customer engagement and drive business growth.

9:30 am

Accelerating DTC Brand Growth by Leveraging Millions of US Prime Members



Kevin KruseMartina Prencipe

“Accelerating DTC Brand Growth by Leveraging Millions of US Prime Members" will be an insightful conversation led by Martina Prencipe from Buy With Prime alongside Kevin Kruse from ZOA Energy. This session will dive into the topic of all topics, a DTC brand’s relationship and strategy around growing with Amazon. The two will explore why Amazon is such an important part of an omni-channel strategy and what new ways Amazon is thinking about connecting with merchants. The panel will also include innovative techniques for seamlessly integrating these strategies into an ecommerce platform, allowing attendees to gain valuable insights into optimizing their online shopping experience.

10:00 am

Scaling Smart: CEOs Perspective on Data and Sustainable Growth



Tero IsokauppilaRene DelgadoJonathan Cairo

Get ready for an enlightening panel moderated by Jonathan Cairo of Elevar, featuring speakers Tero Isokauppila from Four Sigmatic and Rene Delgado from The Indoor Golf Shop. With diverse backgrounds and business experiences, these leaders will delve into their journeys from intuition-driven decision-making to becoming data-driven enterprises. The panel will also share valuable perspectives on the practical applications of data in driving conversions, increasing customer loyalty, and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape.

Panel: 30 minutes

10:30 am

Creating a Connected Customer Experience Across All Channels



Dylan WhitmanEllen Zhang

"Creating a Connected Customer Experience Across All Channels" will be an engaging ecommerce panel led by Ellen Zhang from Gorgias, featuring guest Dylan Whitman from Inveterate. This panel will explore the relationship between customer service and loyalty programs as well as the importance of a seamless customer experience across various platforms. Ellen and Dylan will share strategies for leveraging technology and customer data to create a unified brand experience, addressing challenges, and capitalizing on opportunities in today's multichannel ecommerce environment.

Panel: 30 minutes

11:00 am

Revolutionizing Personalized Commerce: The Future Path for Sustainable Ecommerce Growth



Jonathan PackerMatt Kanfer

This session, led by Matt Kanfer from Rebuy, zeroes in on the transformative power of personalized commerce strategies in driving sustainable growth for ecommerce businesses. Matt will explore the latest trends and technologies shaping personalized online shopping experiences, highlighting how they can significantly enhance customer engagement and retention. The panel will also delve into the best practices for implementing these strategies effectively, ensuring they align with long-term business goals.

Panel: 30 minutes

11:30 am

Catalysts in The New Enterprise: The Framebridge Case Study



Michael JaniakMichelle RittenhouseIsaac Newton

In this panel, Michael Janiak and Isaac Newton from Pattern will discuss the importance of design and creativity in revolutionizing enterprise eCommerce, using Framebridge as a key example. The conversation will focus on the traditional challenges seen in enterprise ecommerce and solution-based strategies to combat them. Michael and Isaac will share their experience working with Framebridge, including the challenges faced, the design-centric strategies employed, and the significant improvements in customer engagement, sales, and brand perception that resulted.

Presentation: 30 minutes

12:00 pm

Lunch & Networking


Join us for the lunch break and take advantage of the opportunity to network with our tech partners and other attendees. Enjoy a delicious meal while connecting with industry professionals and expanding your professional network.

Time break: 90 minutes

1:30 pm

Trends in Commerce 2024



Matt Nelson

Embrace the dynamic world of commerce! Join Matt Nelson, Director of Audience Marketing and Insights at Shopify, as he unveils the cutting-edge trends shaping 2024. Dive into the trends in commerce and discover the keys to staying ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. Don't miss out – adapt, thrive, and secure your seat for this enlightening journey!

Presentation: 30 minutes

2:00 pm

Navigating The Future of Omnichannel Commerce



Sharon GeeTrey LittellJan GandhiSamuel Bonilla

"Navigating The Future of Omnichannel Commerce" will be led by Sharon Gee from Feedonomics, featuring industry experts including Trey Littell from Amazon and Jan Gandhi from Meta. Panelists will share their unique perspectives on the evolving landscape of omnichannel commerce, including integrating multiple sales channels, leveraging advanced technologies, and understanding changing consumer behaviors. They'll discuss strategies for creating a seamless shopping experience across online and offline platforms, and how to effectively use data analytics for personalized customer engagements.

Panel: 30 minutes

2:30 pm

Profit First: How To Thrive During A Recession



Ezra Firestone

Ezra will walk you through how to navigate running your brand during a recession and cover:

- How we got to here
- Post covid supply chain, consumer spending and marketing trends
- Predictions on where Ecommerce is headed
- The Ecommerce metrics your marketing team needs to track and why
- The one simple campaign that your brand needs to run evergreen and why
- Generating awareness and conversions using a content first approach
- Feeding facebook, google and YouTube data on your consumers
- Why email is still the king and queen of Ecommerce sales and how to use it properly
- Why you need at least 1 person on your team to be skilled in DTC marketing
- Where to go from here and more!

Keynote: 60 minutes

3:30 pm

Driving Customer Loyalty Through Subscriptions



Steve O’DellAmanda KwasniewiczKevin Kline

“Driving Customer Loyalty Through Subscriptions”, led by Kevin Kline from Recharge, will feature guest speakers Steve O'Dell from Tenzo Tea and Amanda Kwasniewicz from LoveWellness. This panel will dive into the increasingly popular subscription-based business model and its impact on customer loyalty in ecommerce. Kevin, Steve, and Amanda will share insights on how to effectively implement subscription services to enhance customer retention and create a steady revenue stream. They will also cover strategies for personalizing the subscription experience, leveraging data for targeted marketing, and the benefits of building a loyal subscriber base.

Panel: 30 minutes

4:00 pm

Swanson’s Strategic Pivot to Profitable Growth Post-Pandemic



Jim HamelAndrea CrassGeorgiy Slobodenyuk

Join us for a compelling ecommerce panel led by Georgiy Slobodenyuk, Director of Technology at Absolute Web, with key insights from Jim Hamel, CEO, and Andrea Crass, CMO, of Swanson. Georgiy, Jim, and Andrea will discuss the strategic decisions and technological innovations implemented by Swanson to thrive in changing market dynamics. They will explore topics such as adapting to consumer behavior shifts, leveraging digital transformation for business efficiency, and strategies for sustaining growth in the new normal.

Panel: 30 minutes

4:30 pm

Igniting Ecommerce Success Fireside chat with Daymond John



Daymond John

In this inspiring fireside chat led by Phillip Jackson, Co-Founder at Future Commerce, Daymond John will share his insights on the current ecommerce landscape, offering valuable lessons and strategies that have fueled his success with FUBU, Shark Tank, and countless other business ventures.

The conversation will cover a range of topics, including innovative approaches to online marketing, what it means to think and act more entrepreneurially, and the importance of creating a memorable customer experience in the digital age. Attendees can expect to gain practical advice on growing an online business, leveraging social media, and navigating the competitive landscape of ecommerce.

5:30 pm

Event End + Networking


The main event may be over, but the networking opportunities continue! Join us for small bites and drinks, and celebrate the end of a successful conference while mingling with sponsors and other attendees. Don’t miss out on this chance to make lasting connections and finish the conference on a high note.

6:00 pm

The EEE Afterparty


After a session-packed EEE 2024, join the afterparty and enjoy crafty drinks, small bites, desserts and live music. It's a great opportunity to relax, unwind and network with other attendees.

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Watch 2023 Video Sessions

Playback the most memorable moments, including full keynote sessions and panel discussions from industry leaders.


How Omnichannel Optimization and Expansion Can Help Grow Your Business Featuring Snapchat, Walmart, Amazon, and Feedonomics

This panel will showcase how companies like Snapchat, Walmart, and Amazon, have leveraged omnichannel optimization and expansion to drive growth and improve their bottom line....

  • Matthew Adam Smith

    Matthew Adam Smith

    Director, Marketplace Strategy & BD at Walmart

  • Ed Jimenez

    Ed Jimenez

    Head of Product Marketing at Amazon Buy with Prime

  • Jordan Jacobson

    Jordan Jacobson

    Head of Sales, Growth & Mid-Market at Snap Inc.

  • Jenna Galardi

    Jenna Galardi

    Director of Omnichannel Growth at Feedonomics

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Overcoming the Impacts of Inflation on Ecommerce

Marcela and Lia from Shopify, will aim to provide insights and solutions for businesses to mitigate the effects of inflation on their ecommerce operations. The...

  • Marcela Ganem

    Marcela Ganem

    Sr. Merchant Success Manager at Shopify

  • Emma Krouglova

    Emma Krouglova

    Senior Partnerships Manager at Shopify

  • Lia Cammarano

    Lia Cammarano

    Cross-Sell Coach at Shopify

  • Marissa Steinmetz

    Marissa Steinmetz

    Head of Digital Product, eCommerce at Coterie

Watch session


Staying On Top Through Disruption and Innovation

Panel discussion on the topic of “Staying On Top Through Disruption and Innovation”, with special guests from successful ecommerce brands, Sahara Lotti, founder and CEO...

  • Sahara Lotti

    Sahara Lotti

    CEO & Founder of Lashify

  • Ted Toledano

    Ted Toledano

    CEO & Founder of Modloft

  • Jeremiah Allen

    Jeremiah Allen

    Ecommerce Advisor at Fat Bullfrog

Watch session

EEE 2024 Location
& Accommodations

  • EAST Miami Hotel

788 Brickell Plaza, Miami, FL 33131

The EEE 2024 Conference will take place at EAST Miami, a design hotel known for its breathtaking views, verdant outdoor areas, and a chic rooftop bar, situated in the vibrant Brickell City Center.

Furthermore, Brickell offers a variety of other hotel options. Below is a curated list of recommended hotels in the area.

Ted Toledano

It was a great experience representing Modloft. Congrats Absolute Web on hosting an excellent event!

Stephanie Stone

Glo Skin Beauty
You all put on an awesome event! It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from EEE speakers.

Lauren Craig

Jenny Yoo
Congrats on a great event! Thank you again for having me and my team. We really enjoyed it, we learned some great things, and hope others found the panel informative.

Patty Hernandez

Hard Rock Cafe
The keynote speaker, Mr. Kevin O'Leary - was ultra inspiring & a reminder that hard work pays off. Took notes on his pro-tips & look forward to applying his recommendations. What a force, truly left the event revitalized & ready for what comes next.

Gayle Mitchell

Twin Star International
I had the opportunity to attend the Ecommerce Experience Evolution and it did not disappoint!!! So many talented and amazing speakers. Enjoyed every second of the day and walked away with learning so much.

Sean Finnegan

Pitney Bowes
I attended EEE Miami 2023 this year, and it was an impressive show. From the speakers, the venue, the partners, and the networking, it was certainly worth attending. I plan to be there again next year! Great job Absolute Web!
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