Frequently asked questions about EEE.

What is EEE Miami?

EEE Miami is an annual exclusive conference, for ecommerce owners and operators, to uncover strategies from the best minds in the industry. It's an opportunity to expand your network through meaningful connections rather than engaging in sales-focused conversations that happen at larger conferences.

Who is going to be there?

EEE Miami 2024 is going to be joined by thought leaders such as Daymond John, Ezra Firestone, who are headlining the stage alongside speakers from companies like Swanson Vitamins, Shopify Plus, Framebridge, Amazon, Meta, Love Wellness, Four Sigmatic, eBay, and others.

How does this conference compare to others?

The EEE conference is designed for a curated experience with 350 attendees, fostering an exclusive environment ideal for networking. This is in contrast to larger events with 5,000+ attendees, where the atmosphere can be overwhelming and less conducive to forming personal connections.

What type of attendance does EEE have?

70% of EEE attendees are merchants, creating a community of like-minded professionals and peers. This contrasts with events where the focus might be more on service providers, resulting in a different networking dynamic.
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Experience one of the best ecommerce conferences in the industry

Ecommerce Experience Evolution is an annual conference in Miami that gathers leaders in the tech and eCommerce space to share enlightening case studies, business optimization strategies, and much more. The event is a unique opportunity to enhance your eCommerce ecosystem, learn tactics to boost growth metrics, network with like-minded individuals, and stay current on industry trends.