Navigating the Headless Ecommerce Landscape: A Look at 3 Case Studies: Choosing, Sticking with, and Migrating from Headless Solutions

In this presentation, we will examine three case studies that demonstrate the different situations in which headless ecommerce solutions may be appropriate. The first case study will explore when it may be beneficial to choose a headless solution, the second case study will examine when it may be best to stick with a headless solution, and the third case study will examine when it may be best to migrate off of a headless solution in favor of a native solution.

  • Georgiy Slobodenyuk

    Georgiy Slobodenyuk

    Director of Technology at Absolute Web

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How to Harness Subscriptions for Recurring Revenue Growth & Retention

How to leverage subscriptions to transform your business during economic challenges and rising cost of acquisition.

  • Kevin Kline

    Kevin Kline

    Director of Agency Partnerships at Recharge

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CX Upgrade: Your Most Profitable Investment For 2023

Panel talk on the topic of “CX Upgrade: Your Most Profitable Investment For 2023” with the founder of Glamnetic and INH Hair, Kevin Gould, let...

  • Kristina Muntean

    Kristina Muntean

    Strategic Partner Manager at Gorgias

  • Kevin Gould
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Beyond the Purchase: Preventing Returns & Building Loyalty

Hear from Megan Blissick, Head of Global Agency Partnerships at Signifyd, on how to turn points of friction in the shopping and post-purchase journey into...

  • Megan Blissick

    Megan Blissick

    Head of Global Agency Partnerships at Signifyd

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